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Design Co.Mission

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Create a Difference

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Inspire People to Collaborate
for a Better Country

Design Co.Mission
Design Co.Mission

A Trail
into the Wilderness

Design helps us envision the ideal: living in a happy and healthy society. But what are the challenges that block our path? Cutting through the bureaucracy that hampers the growth and use of good ideas for public good, Design Co.Mission presents solutions on how to proceed.

Design Co.Mission is a passion project of Plus63 Design Co., a creative studio with a goal to make design matter. We conceptualized this project because we want people to be inspired with new ideas, connect with fellow designers who produce exciting work, and get government onboard to launch these solutions.

Design Co.Mission

Our Sight on the Summit

Design Co.Mission is a channel for designers to present ideas that can positively impact the way we live. We commission creatives with design challenges on how to improve public services, present new solutions, and strengthen branding - to make what we feel is important not only matter to a select few, but to also change people’s experiences for the better.

We will share these design solutions with key organizations and members of the Philippine government through a show-and-tell event. We hope this platform opens up meaningful conversations, collaborations, and cooperation with one another. We are aiming for fruitful and successful partnerships.

Design Co.Mission

A Creative Badge of Honor

The Design Co.Mission Merit Badge presents the tools that help shape the ideas, concepts and art of the designer. Featuring analog and digital tools and its seamless integration in the craft of the designer, it is a fitting mark that symbolizes our practice.

Design Co.Mission
Design Co.Mission





Design Co.Mission

Spark for Story-Telling

Through design, we present how we can achieve the best experiences and solutions.

Design Co.Mission

Set the Goal

Where do we want to go? What do we want to achieve? We articulate the problem we want to solve.

Design Co.Mission

See the Big Picture

Understand the terrain and challenges faced by communities to explore.

Design Co.Mission

Tie it Together

With attention to detail and craft, we create the best possible solutions to the challenge.

Design Co.Mission

Show your Identity

Stamp our unique voice and perspective on the project.

Design Co.Mission

Be Proud

Our goal is to uplift the life of every Filipino. Let’s come together and celebrate the best of who we are!

Design Co.Mission





Design Co.Mission


The majority lacks access to better healthcare. The high costs of medicine and hospital bills discourage people from seeking preventive health measures until they’ve reached a crucial point. We need to empower people to take better care of themselves and their families, and how reaching out to a community beyond their immediate circle of family and friends can create a safety net for one another.

Design Co.Mission


Reconstructing our curricula and classrooms have yet to show its impact on improving the state of public education. On a personal level, we need to enlighten every person’s capacity to creatively think beyond limitations. With that in mind, we hope to rekindle the sense of pride, imagination, and determination in our educational administrators, teachers, students, and parents to succeed for the sake of the country’s future.

Design Co.Mission


Culture mirrors the state of our society - with the arts as our measuring stick. We need to make people appreciate our rich heritage and band together to support a healthy society of artists, designers, craftspeople and cultural workers.

Design Co.Mission






Design Co.Mission


Founded in 2002 by digital baristas and coffee junkies, Inksurge is design and developer duo Rex Advincula and Jois Tai. This multi-awarded studio presents consistent excellence in their craft, much of which has brought them into the spotlight of leading international design magazines and conferences here and abroad.

Design Co.Mission

Team Manila

They put the Pinoy dream front and center. Team Manila founders Jowee Alviar and Mon Punzalan have grown their design studio and retail company into a movement featuring the best and fun parts of our culture: from childhood games to popular street food, and our rich heritage. Most popular among the youth, Team Manila has inspired a new generation’s call for cultural pride.

Design Co.Mission


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Plus63 Design Co. loves sharing the good vibes; working with passionate entrepreneurs and businesses, and organizing events for the creative community. Founded by Bernice de Leon-Yumul, Dan Matutina and Rhea Alarcon, together with young designers Jo Malinis and Kitkat Pecson, they bring fresh insights and creative solutions to every project and campaign.

Design Co.Mission

There is no problem
without a solution
I have that duty to my
community and nation

Leading with insight and passion
My hands render with
craft and precision

The future wakes to our ideal
I offer my role today,
as co-creator with zeal

The presentations for the
Design Co.Mission will take center stage on

Saturday, August 3, 2013, 3PM at the Ayala Museum

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